Housing.com: Marketing a Service Offering Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Housing.com was a Mumbai-based online real estate listing business that confirmed the credibility of every property listing on its site. Despite demonstrating itself to big players in the on-line property portal space of India as a danger, it was struggling in late 2014 to create itself as an option in the mind of an average client; most commonly, a choice for estate agent (i.e., brokers, contractors, developers, and landowners who listed property on-line) and buyers (i.e., end-users who sought the website for property) were confronting over incentives and it was a matter of concern for the industry defined by information asymmetry and a lack of transparency.

Property dealers were whining about the procedure for purchasing the properties listed in Housing.com’s portal as compared to the ones’ operated by the site’s competitors. This case prompts the question as to how can Housing.com maintain its web traffic while simultaneous attract its visitors? How can it alter the hearts as well as minds of the sellers and buyers about it? Value added services - such as verifying property listings - needed to be backed up with an emphasis on listings and a rise in traffic.The biggest concern of this site was related to how it should prioritize its clients. The company also focused on improving its service.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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Housing.com: Marketing a Service Offering

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