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New York City Marketing - Case Study

NYCM (New York City Marketing) is a non-profit organization rather than an agency whose aim was to promote New York City as well as retain its position and image as one of the good cities across the United States of America. It is free of governmental procedures and therefore New York City Marketing was in the situation to move smoothly in a particular fashion they chose in order to promote NYC as city that was safe, with a healthy number of tourists per year and with a lot of diversity in the people whether domestic or foreign. New York City Marketing’s sole aim was to change the perception in the mind of its target audience that crime was substantially decreasing year by year and in case the costs of business were high there but the productivity of the employees at New City was also high and hence these costs were worthwhile.

Basically, New York City Marketing is a concept derived from the municipal marketing, which in its initial years counterfeited several partnerships with different organizations. These include the marketing and vending contract with Snapple, the fruit juice manufacturers; multiplatform deal with a media channel namely, The History Channel; pushing the CMA (Country Music Association Awards) awards to be held at New York City for the first time at Madison Square Garden in order to let people know that New York City is no way isolated with music and its beats. It also joined hands with a Spanish firm, CEMUSA so as to negotiate space for the advertising and promotion on the street with the use of New York City’s Street Furniture. To this end, New York City Marketing’s sole aim is to create a self-funded marketing and promotional engine for the city that helps the city, one in whose possession is the Statue of Liberty, to utilize the city’s assets to their full capacity, convert the results into numbers for those who join hands in the venture and then further translate these numbers into opportunities for firms so as to generate healthy revenues and expand jobs.

The organization has been successful in negotiating with all those who joined hands with New York City Marketing to market New York City to the fullest despite of the external controls, the legal barriers and the delays caused by the necessity to get excessive grants for each step that the organization took. As the case suggests that after all these steps, New York City Marketing paved the way for New York City to become the best amongst the cities by increasing its share of immigrants, the tourists and it also helped the local firms reap benefits from the deal.

The initial impression that the case showed is that Mayor Bloomberg was of the view that New York City was so commercial that it had the capacity to sell itself, which was proved wrong by the CMO of the New York City Marketing, Joe Perello. Joe emphasized that time was changing at a very fast pace along with the development of new mediums to promote the cities. Even if one does not effort to promote the city, still the other mediums such as channels and the freedom given to media along with other mediums of communication promotes the city itself. Therefore, it is very crucial to give strong emphasis to these channels as they equip the city in promoting it in a better manner. The main issue with the New York City is its distorted perceptions about the crime rate and the high cost of business despite of the fact that crime levels have shown decreasing trend over the years and also that high cost of business is also due to the higher productivity of the employees.

Moreover, the industry in which New York City Marketing is operating is a mature industry as there are high numbers of competitors and the financials seem to be relatively stable. In addition to this, the New York City Marketing is also investing in marketing the city to stay ahead of its competitors and they are thriving to revamp the New York City’s position in the United States America. For this they need to develop new ideas and novel ways in which they could promote New York City in a fashion that keeps it up to the mark with the current technology. It is seen that the customer needs are also changing, hence, they should move in a way that best fits with the changing needs of time. However, in case New York is left behind in the race at this initial phase of transformation and revamp then it can never lead up again.

New York City Marketing’s core focus is to promote tourism and increase jobs. It also plans to seize a lot of opportunities available at present for .............................

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New York City is a pioneer in the new field of municipal marketing. The first chief marketing officer of the city should develop a marketing organization with a self-financing business model that creates value for the city through the use of assets, including physical property and media opportunities. Although an independent corporation, marketing organizations need to work with the agencies of the city government to create value. Traces of the appointment of Director of Marketing and marketing goals of New York. Summarizes the corporate partnership of the city (with Snapple and The History Channel, etc.), the media, and licensing activities to date. Problems of students to assess marketing model and recommend strategies going forward, determining which activities create the most value for the city. In addition, provides students with the problems of business organization operating within the government structure.

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by V. Kasturi Rangan, Anita Elberse Source: Harvard Business School 24 pages. Publication Date: April 27, 2006. Prod. #: 506022-PDF-ENG

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