Domino’s Pizza Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The vice-president of communications for Domino's Pizza International (Domino's), faced an important threat to his company's standing including negative social networking exposure. The employee stuck cheese up his nose, and sneezed on the food before boxing it up and could be overheard in the video admitting the orders would shortly be delivered to unsuspecting customers. The video went viral; it was reposted to Facebook and Twitter, and received various opinions on YouTube and almost a million views. The video was also getting attention from both national and local media channels. The senior executive team of Domino's was meeting with the vice-president in a matter of hours, and Domino's social media team would have to devise a plan to react to the viral video to protect Domino's strong brand image before it was too late.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 09, 2011 PRODUCT #: W11159-HCB-ENG

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