Marketing in a Silo World: The New CMO Challenge Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Silo is a metaphor for a unit that has its own management team and lack of motivation or desire to work or even communicate with other units. The organization has a collection of silos, which include product silos (business units defined product or service proposals) and country silos (geographical silos defined countries or regions). Today, communication and brand with a wide range of rapidly changing conditions that can not be the world of silage. Customers demand silo cover offers and services. There is too much at stake to allow silo interests to inhibit or prevent efforts to achieve brand and marketing cooperation within the organization. Recognizing that autonomous organizations silo is no longer a viable option, there are many companies that develop, expand, and do not connect to the corporate chief marketing officer (CMO) position and the establishment or strengthening of the central support group marketing. Defense efforts and his team to win the confidence, traction, and the impact is not an easy task in mine indifference or resistance. This article discusses how to silo barriers to create a large marketing and marketing organizations can be reduced or eliminated, resulting in a strong offer and brand synergy and effective marketing strategies and programs. "Hide
by David A. Aaker Source: California Management Review 14 pages. Publication Date: November 1, 2008. Prod. #: CMR415-PDF-ENG

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Marketing in a Silo World: The New CMO Challenge

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