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Three doctors were interviewed to find out how they have been trained to be a doctor. One was a family practice Pros, one was a pediatric intensive care unit chief resident, and one orthopedic surgeon, staff 18 months of residency. All three were interviewed one-on-one in an unstructured fashion and asked the same questions: "What kind of doctor are you, and how you became a type of doctor" items, telling their experiences, set the content, sequence, chronology, and emphasis in their responses . When the subjects did tell their stories, the interviewer posed a question such as "What do you mean by 'X', that you mentioned?" or "Would you give me an example of 'Y', what you describe?" All interviews were completed with the same questions: "Are you a good doctor?" "What makes you so?" All three sessions interview lasted about 90 minutes. Interview is not a judgment on medical education or medicine, but also the basis for practice in the application of the Toyota Production System (TPS) How to use as a basis for the process for which TPS has not been used before. "Hide
by Steven J. Spear Source: Harvard Business School 11 pages. Publication Date: July 20, 2001. Prod. #: 602027-PDF -ENG

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Making a Doctor

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