Pricing Strategy at Officenet Staples Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In mid-2005, he was appointed Leo Piccioli OfficeNet Staples (ON) CEO knowing that his key objective is to achieve the requirements of driving on Staples profitability. He knew that one of the reasons for the low rate of return were based on sales of the company. Because the original competitive advantage to the author disappeared and merchants were free to set prices, representatives often provided significant discounts to their customers, to win the case. Typically, 40 percent of the goods in the order have been evaluated below their normal price. In a highly competitive market and offer more standardized products, Piccioli should be revised pricing policy of the company. If the price change of the delegation practices that have been so deeply rooted in its organizational culture? If so, what pricing policy should be ON to improve their profitability, while maintaining its sales representatives motivated? In an industry that is mostly used price (not non-price) competition, management software can do? This case is also available in Portuguese and Spanish "Hide
by Andres Terech, Javier Jorge Silva, Maria Barale Source: North American Case Research Association (NACRA) 20 pages. Publication Date: 01 May 2012. Prod. #: NA0194-PDF-ENG

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Pricing Strategy at Officenet Staples

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