Livelihood Advancement Business School Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Foundation, Dr. Reddy's (DRF) was established to focus on providing education and the existence of the program in India. It comes to innovative programs called FPI livelihood improvement Business School (LABS), according to which training programs are conducted to improve the skills of disadvantaged, semi-educated and unemployed youth. These programs and the development of specific technical and commercial skills, and provide entry-level jobs for the target group. LABS program fills an important gap between the needs of employers for skilled young people and potential employees who may not have the training, skills, confidence, or access to such work. The case describes the entry FPI niche in this sector and the difficulties it has faced along the way. The case also analyzes the following aspects of the LABS program: monitoring of systems and processes, partnerships are formed to extend its presence and coverage of the target population, the problems associated with providing fair wages and Skilling differently disabled youth, and potential future directions for the program. "Hide
by Amit Gupta, Amit Joseph Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 18 pages. Publication Date: November 22, 2012. Prod. #: W12326-PDF-ENG

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Livelihood Advancement Business School

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