Right Clients Right Way: Successes and Challenges of Brand Consultant Tommy Li Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tommy Lee was the designer and brand consultant known for his dark humor and bold visual impact. With business covers Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and Italy, he was one of the few Hong Kong designers have entered the international market. In its ten years of experience as an employee of the design, Li learned that "getting the right clients is key to a successful business consultancy design." Thus, Lee created his own company in order to have complete freedom in the choice of its customers, and its "clients strategically choice" philosophy has brought him great success. Thus, he became a famous Hong Kong designer and brand consultant with renowned local and international clients. With international companies many times larger than China's entry firm Li, Lee saw mounting competitive pressures. Lee was the glory of adequate protection against firms, consisting of multidisciplinary teams with innovative thinking and design processes? Scale was a major issue in staying competitive? Was the proximity to the market important benefits?

brand consulting industry also face intense competition from international consultants, business, advertising and public relations agencies. Each camp is a different approach to the same target group perfectly conscious customers. Li can cope with these problems?

event was designed to teach designers and entrepreneurs. It is also suitable for MBA and other executive classes on entrepreneurship and creativity. This case is intended to achieve the following objectives: 1) to examine how strategic thinking Li managed to develop its business model, despite changing market conditions 2) to understand how dependent pathway and the ability to dynamically explain the success of Lee and challenges in a changing business environment, 3) discuss the best approach to growing the business model -. construction methodology and processes, or to become a star in new markets "Hide
by Kevin Au, Bernard Sin, Na Shen, Justine Tan Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 12 pages. Publication Date: January 31, 2011. Prod. #: W10006-PDF-ENG

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