LinkedIn and Modern Recruiting (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2015, LinkedIn, the world's biggest professional network, was experiencing explosive growth, it also needed to hire the best folks quickly to support and fuel that increase. This case discusses LinkedIn's hiring strategy and details the way the firm used its own online recruiting goods, for example LinkedIn Talent Solutions, to entice and retain ability. At precisely the same time, the company was creating new recruiting versions that put it at the vanguard of modern recruiting. LinkedIn had done nicely so far in bringing in top talent. Nevertheless, as it quickly scaled, the challenge was making sure the company could compete with other tech companies to attract enough highly skilled engineers. The case describes specific techniques that LinkedIn's recruiting team of over 100 people used to bring gifted candidates for positions in engineering, sales, and other departments.

LinkedIn made internal hiring a priority. For external hires, the business focused heavily on recruiting passive candidates-folks were who already employed and not always looking for a new occupation.

The case also discusses LinkedIn Employee Value Preposition, mostly focusing several opportunities that were available for “transformation” once they were a part of LinkedIn team. These opportunities discussed personal improvement through smooth path to change jobs. In addition to this formal and casual programs were designed especially for employees to pursue their destinations and share their experiences. “LinkedIn and Modern Recruiting” goes into details about data driven strategy, new recruitment innovations, and diversity scorecard.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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LinkedIn and Modern Recruiting (A)

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