Final Project Action Learning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The basis of the discussion was regarding the problem faced by employees in different organizations regarding the lack of attention and implementing the action learning theory on it. The initial phase of the discussion laid the firm’s focus on identifying probable solutions for the issue or the problem identified taking guidelines from the action learning theory.

In order to resolve the issue and to help the group or an individual getting affected from this caustic situation, a set of multiple questions was asked from the affected group and individual. The data or information collected from the affected group would be used to create an ease in applying the action learning theory and seeking the solution of the issue.

In the second phase of discussion, the group members discussed the problem more deeply and found a more concrete basis for the issue that helped the group in identifying the issue of persisting attention deficiency in employees. After identifying the issue, the group dedicated three months in designing a framework using the action learning theory in order to solve the problem. The steps of the framework used as a solution process, highly demonstrated the significance of the activities and their arrangements as established using the action learning model.

Besides discussing the issues and identifying the problem, the group has spent considerable time discussing the path for achieving the desired results along with model selection that is appropriate for solving the issue. The discussion aimed at designing a technique that can be used to manage the issue regarding the lack of attention after applying the action learning model.

The need for managing the technique is essential for accomplishing the project successfully. Leadership is highly recommended by the group to manage events and to keep track of all the activities. The importance of leadership was greatly discussed during the discussion and how it will impact the overall situation and how it will address the issue.

Action learning

Action learning is a theory that focuses on the development of employees either professional or personal. The theory mainly works on the principle that suggests a process in which the employees will seek a solution to the problem by themselves as well as it will also enhance their learning.

Action theory emphasizes on maximizing employees' knowledge regarding the issue they are facing and helping them improve their operational capacity. Besides that, the theory is aimed at keeping employees realistic in their approach and using practicality in their techniques. The exposure attained by employees through this theory and practicing practicality will guide them in facing the work-related challenges and issue in a cross-functional organization.

The Action Theory is a great source of help in today’s world and is an essential tool and a platform that is user-friendly and helps in solving major problems which the organizations are facing in their internal and external environment.

As the theory is primarily used for the personal as well organizational development, it can serve as an essential tool for keeping track of the professional expertise of individuals in an organization. The best suitable example for active learning using the action theory is job learning which guides the employees towards by using a practical approach while completing a task.

Action Learning Process

The action learning process compromises of seven steps that are interrelated and every next step is considered as the prerequisite of the step that follows. Before moving ahead with the action learning process, it is discussed that the initial stage deals with identifying the specific problem faced by the employees in an organization and identifying the causes of that particular issue.

The first step of the process discusses the core issue which an individual is facing in a particular context in an organization. The issue that has been discussed during the discussion is the lack of attention of employees during work and process; it eliminates the deficiency faced by the employees regarding paying attention in organizations. The main focus of the discussion remained on identifying attention deficiencies in employees and what are the causes that initiate this issue.

As of the second step, the major focus is assigned for developing a background check in order to identify the causes that lead to problem origination which will later on be evaluated critically using the knowledge provided by the developed background check....................................

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