FHP wireless Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Answer # 1-

Identification of Issues

Appraisal of usefulness of Bill Gurley’s market model in determining the ideal niche to pursue the organization goal.


Bill Gurley’s model in assessing the market proved quite useful for the FHP wireless. He identified the problem which was faced by the FHP wireless in generating the profit. Through his model he identified the group of the potential customers of the Wi-Fi, he identified customers from the demography, and after that he mapped the demand of existing Wi-Fi and drew another line to show that the level of the each customer would find in the FHP wireless mesh. In his model, he determined the number of the individual customers and the organization made a huge amount of consumers which having a Wi-Fi demand. However, due to the existing back haul capacity, he determined that the existing customers would least favor the wireless mesh network because they already possessed local wireless connection. The other end of spectrum in his model determined the areas that consisted of consumers who would find the FHP wireless product valuable and useful, but the demand of the product of FHP wireless at this end was absent at the same time. In the middle area of his model, he determined the group of potential customers who represented the demand of the wireless networking but the product was too expensive for them or finding the difficulty in the deployment of the product.  The set of customers who represented the demand of the Wi-Fi are as follows;

Warehouses and Factories are the large area with the little demand of the computer users who require an access to the network. The structure of this type of building required the configuration which was very difficult to wire for the back haul access. The facility that could be offered to such customers by the FHP wireless is that they could deploy the wireless network cost effectively.

Gaming Industry is also the potential area of the client which determines the high demand of wireless networking, such as casinos, which requires wireless networking to monitor their tables, machines, and their customers, through which they require to communicate around the organization. Through the wireless facility, this type of organization can easily reconfigure its gaming floors. Due to the structural configuration of the gaming industry, FHP wireless mesh would, therefore be much more compatible with the organization, and it would also allow the network of the organization to reimburse for interference dynamically and without adding additional network resources.

Another group of potential customers of the FHP wireless is the educational industry that are the first users of the wired computer networking, due to which they also determine the huge customers for the wireless networking.


Bill Gurley’s model results as useful in assessing the market of the wireless network for the product of FHP wireless as it identifies the key customer who are willing for the wireless technology. Therefore, enabling the FHP wireless to focus over that desire group of customers.

Answer # 2

Identification of Issues

Factors that contribute in the slow growth of profit of FHP wireless, and the alternative that the company should take in order to boost its sales.


FHP wireless company is facing difficulty in increasing sales and revenue in the current economy, the reason for this is because FHP wireless failed in finding the right customer for their product, or the group of customer they are targeting are not interested in purchasing their products. However, FHP wireless also does not have a solid portfolio to dominate the market neither has a solid ground over which they can assure their products are working. The products which are manufactured by FHP wireless are useful in areas such as factories and warehouse, hospital, warehouses, and the branches of the colleges. On the other hand, the customers found FHP wireless difficult to use or they found it expensive related to the installation of the device as compared to the installation of the hot spot which are being offered by other manufacturers in the market.

FHP wireless Case Solution

 Another reason due to which FHP wireless was unable to sell its product in the market is the limitation of the laptop which does not have the facility of wireless. The customers need to purchase the wireless card which is costly to them. Another obstacle faced by the FHP wireless in generating the sale is that there is no other organization which possesses the same function as of a Wi-Fi value chain at metro level. Due to the level of threat that has been imposed by the FHP wireless to the existing providers, they might support them. On the other hand, there is no other organization to install the Wi-Fi and use it....................

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