Pepita Disco PPM: Margins and Elasticity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This exercise is one of a series designed to help students learn how to perform financial calculations in marketing contexts. Carolina Araujo recently took control of the family business, Pepita Disco PPM, the second largest producer of beef in the Uruguay-based dog food, treats and toys. While she respected the history of almost eighty years, Caroline felt that Pepita Disco grew complacent with its market share and largely preserving the status quo. Her plan was to re-energize the employee base and business growth Pepita Disco faster than the overall market. This exercise is an imaginary problem of the efforts of the company to predict the impact of price, cost of production, costs and move to profitability. "Hide
by Julie Hennessy, Evan Meagher Source: Kellogg School Management 4 pages. Publication Date: October 25, 2012. Prod. #: KEL692-PDF-ENG

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Pepita Disco PPM: Margins and Elasticity

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