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From 1989 to 2003 civil war raged in Liberia, causing GDP per capita to drop an unprecedented 90% from peak to trough. The origins of Liberia's conflict and economic decline are intertwined and complex, resting on over a century of elite rule that is discriminatory and wriggled by ethnic politics during a military dictatorship. To foreign shareholder, eight years of post-conflict authorities have restored basic order, re-opened the nation by late 2011, and jumpstarted the little economy.

Liberia Case Study Solution

But the country's business model may unsettle its political equilibrium. As Africa's first democratically elected female head of state (and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf goes into her re-election campaign for Liberia's presidency, she must decide the way to keep the country on its fragile but quick restoration, sowing the seeds for peace and prosperity rather than renewed battle.

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