Frogtek: Mobile Technology for Micro-Retailing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Frogtek was made as a technology company with a social mission - retailers in Latin America improve their operations through programs loaded onto mobile phones. While the market was not small - 400,000 micro-retailers managed in Colombia alone - and shop owners appeared interested in the service, the right strategy was far from clear.

The company's founders fought with questions such as how to distribute the mobile programs and how much to bill the generally low income store owners. In this case students work on an operational strategy for the seed-funded startup after analyzing societal goals its business plan, market opportunity, and competitive surroundings. This case wrap operational, entrepreneurial along with technological hurdles in micro-retail and supply chain management in the developing economies. The emphasis is on "bottom of the pyramid" retail pretext.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Frogtek: Mobile Technology for Micro-Retailing

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