Leading and Managing People Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The XYZ is an IT based company located in India with its sub-branches in Pune,Chennai and Hyderabad. The company started its operation in 1999, with the aim to offer IT consulting services and knowledge management services to different industry players. Since the Indian market is a highly competitive market in terms of offering IT services and is regarded as the hub of expert IT services at lower labor cost, such features of the Indian market have attracted the FDI to outsource or partner with the Indian firms in an attempt to achieve the maximum level of service at low cost. Utilizing the opportunity, XYZ succeeded in gaining $250 million worth in the stating 6 years of its business, which has been a huge success, since the market of IT in India is held by the 6 major players, namely Infosys, Tata group and Mahindra group to name few.

In addition to this, since the market is firmly held by these giant players, it is rarely possible for a midsized company to excel and reach into $1 billion in worth. Hence, in order to elevate the position and market share, the XYZ management is planning to leverage its expertise in knowledge management and IT consulting services to gain more revenuers and to cut back the net of the giants in the Indian market.

Also, in order to succeed in the plan, the management has devised the Profitability Strategy which outlines the development of the new strategies and business projects to exceed the company’s earnings and revenues. However,in doing so, the management has to give empowerment and authority to the employees in developing sound projects and then to lead them till the end. Moreover, since the company has ambiguous culture and the high hierarchy system that lacks the value(caring, learning, achieving sharing and social responsibly), the company needs to develop a pool of highly talented, self-motivated employees that would help the XYZ in achieving the highest performance level and productivity in the market.

Leading and Managing People Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Also, in order to make the project work and to achieve the goal, the management needs to develop some of the key metrics of the organizational culture and organizational values in order to correctly evaluate the value of the projects that, in long term, will allow the company to achieve its goal of reaching $1billion worth.


XYZ has been facing low sales for a period of time without any eminent reason.According to the management, the company has low employee morale and team spirit, with high organizational hierarchy, resulting in more organizational informational silos and communication gap. It also led to the development of situational power, leading to loss of shared values. In addition, since the employee morale and motivation has been low, the adaption to change and its sustainability in the XYZ has been an issue, resulting in no fruitful results and ultimately low sales.

The sales have become indolent over the period of time. Such has been due to low employee morale and loss of definite value proposition..............

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