Lean Implementation At Siemens’ Kalwa Plant Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What is the background, introduction and situational analysis of case?

In the case study, the glimpse on kalwa Planet Siemens in Indiais necessary to be done. The first workshop was commenced on May 1st, 1955 in Mumbai with no more than 10 employees. The key concern is to repair the damaged switch boards and other fabrication jobs which most components were being imported and very few of them were being produced at workshop. SiemensCompany in 2009have consolidated its topographic point in India instead offactoryequipped with most advanced testing and machinery facility. In addition to this, 40% of Siemens India have worked in kalwa factory. It had changed their roles from simple assembly site to medium voltage indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breakers producer, medium voltage switchboards producer, gas insulated producer in support of base company, but they have also struggled hard to improve their position in marketplace. Currently, there are five factories in Nasik, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Calcutta and Goa. There are nearly 11 sales offices, 4000 employees and 300 dealers as well.

Siemens have improved its product line in 4 sectors such as;

  • Energy
  • Industry
  • Consumer products
  • Healthcare

Siemens in India have competed with Areva, ABB, and Schneider electrics, furthermore, the kalwa products tends to be exported to SiriLanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Bhutan, Oman and Qatar.

In 2009, 60%-65% of the switchboard factory area was allocated to IVCBs (MC) and manufacturing panels (M1), and remaining space tends to be for M2 and manufacturing OVCB (MC) products. There are 400 personnel including both white and blue collar, the employees of company was committed to work in two shifts and one extra shift if there is a need.

Lean Implementation At Siemens’ Kalwa Plant Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The first segment in M1 was sales order engineering (SOE) which had some responsibilities such as; process designing, design manufacturing,quality package, incoming inspection, testing& dispatch commercial. The local customer of company were make order to marketing and regional sales team which were keep focusing on export orders. Each and every order transferred to sales order engineeringfirstly marketed and the entered to factory. There are 2 stages through which all the orders received must be passed;

  • Design and engineeringphase
  • Planning of order and execution phase

The technical order processing department (TOP) were supposed to take orders and record them in database of production planning based on their times, furthermore the delivery times was estimated by the delivery committee. There are two types of raw material required for each order such as; mechanical equipment and electrical equipment. The important equipment is listed on Bill of Material (BOM) which is sent by Enterprise Resource Planning to the department of material planning. The mechanical material is already existed in the company while there is a need to order electrical equipment to supplier.

What is the steps of lean management implementation?

The team of lean management have visited site of Siemens in turkey which have responsibly managed methods of lean management. The key duties for team members and managers is to emphasize on the importance of such implementation for company, it is vital for holding market share. In addition to this, the personnel of company had critical role to attain this common objective of Siemens..................

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