Leadership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Q.1: How does executive management empower the leader?
Executive management empowers the leader in different ways like;
• Share their vision and goals with the leader
As a member of an executive management if you have a compelling vision, share it with your leader in a modest way. Sharing of vision is very much important because as long as the leader is not well aware of the vision, leader and top management can’t be on the same page and it will create problems for the future of the firm.(O'Keefe, 2016 )
In this scenario, after identifying the problems, the chief executive asked Tracey Burns, the executive director of nursing, if she would take a lead and solve these issues. As a former matron, Tracey Burns had knowledge regarding these problems. Burns already had taken initial steps to review the discharge process while interviewing Sue Green, assistant director of Clover Hospital. Burns discussed all the problems that were affecting thetrust’s financial performance and reputation. Sue Green already worked on this problem and after 3 weeks from joining, Green organized a workshop.
Leadership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

• Propose ways to contribute to the vision
Executive management always encourages its leaders to participate in different ways that produce tangible and measurable results for the firm. In this scenario, Burns encouraged Sue Green in a way that Burns organized a workshop, the same workshop that previously failed, but this time, Burns had a support from the top management, and the workshop went successful. This was how Burns encouraged Sue Green and in return, Sue Green was investing her time on retaining the matrons’ focus on discharge improvements. She also organized different workshops with matrons, trying to educate them to understand and implement the discharge process.

• Respect their leaders, their input and opinions
Nothing can discourage the leaders than the feeling that their boss does not respect them personally or professionally. People in the executive management create an open environment and encourage leaders’ ideas and their opinions. In this case, we can see, during the lunch meeting, Burns proposed an idea that if nurses take the responsibility of the discharging process then matrons will be free of their bed management duties andcould be picked by the general management team.
• Communicate Well and more often
Executive management must communicate with its future leaders and cultivate an open environment that encourages creative dialogues between the leaders and top management. In this scenario, the chief executive asked Burns about her progress on this program. Burns was monitoring the progress and was giving update to the top management.
• Reward efforts and Success
Top management encourages its leaders to take risks and try new things. It always sees mistakes as a learning opportunity for a leader. In this case, when Burns proposed an idea of giving authority to nurses of the discharging process, it was a new initiative and the chief executive encouraged her by allowing her to implement this new initiative...................

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