Jump Gymnastic Jumping into the Future Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Jump Gymnastic Jumping into the Future Case Study Solution

Furthermore, the office supervisors likewise legitimately conduct 20 hours training sessions every week. Likewise, an advertising and organization director contribute one day out of every week to the front work area at every office, supervising both full time and low maintenance front work area representatives, and play out all showcasing work such as the print advertisements, site, nearby signage, and advancements. A year prior, Jennifer Hood had procured a mentor to both tasks all day at the North Vancouver office to monitor the web based social networking. Hood herself dealt with the authority group, performed finance obligations, oversaw lease, and composed significant providers.

The leadership team involved in this project has worked in sports and possesses an outclass experience in coaching. Jennifer Hood knows that her team is an experienced one, and has the extraordinary coaching skills.


As the proprietor of a private venture, the expansion can be considered an attempt to grow the organization. Doing this might appear to be overwhelming, however there are numerous points of interest of doing such. Despite the fact that weakness do exist, the company’s business can be exceeded by the upsides of business extension.

New Colleagues and Staff:

Perhaps the greatest preferred position for growing is the chance to enlist recently qualified colleagues. Individuals are regularly perceived similar to the most significant resource of a business, so constructing a group of new and talented individuals is a reasonably preferred position of development. These individuals would carry new plans to your business, help streamline forms and make a sentiment of kinship.

More Extensive Client Base:

Business development can possibly uncover several items and administrations to a more extensive group of spectators. Expanding the client base will assist Jennifer Hood in having an increased amount of different clients and improving the deals. This prompts higher benefits.

Financing Openings:

Effectively extending your business can place it in an uplifting position for increasing the important assets. This subsidizing can be a life saver for your business during the procedure of extension. A business with a firm financial position and improved piece of the pie can get large financing option with little issues and more benefits.

Potential Migration:

Development might give you the opportunity to migrate your business to another zone, to another the state, or even universally. In the event, that movement can be considered probable, after thinking about the upsides of doing so. You can have an improved access to customers, which is a key viewpoint to be substantially noticed when considering migration.

Different Contemplations:

Extension might cause numerous issues for organizations that are not fit for the difficulties faced while development. While extending, it is significant that the business is effective on a business development level as well as on profit level. As the reason behind extending the Jump Gymnastics’ business is to make more benefits, which ought to routinely audit the speculated come back from a business development. In addition to this, the same thing ought to have a characterized motivation to extend, for example, to go into new, conceivably rewarding business sector fragments.


In order to expand the small businesses to make them larger, some of the mutual disadvantages should be taken under consideration while making a business expansion plan

  • Shortage of cash due to which there would be a requirement to lend money form the banks or form other investors in order to buy equipment, premises and other considerable things
  • The Jump Gymnastic might compromise its quality by expanding its business in many locations, which might cause variation in the quality standards
  • Loss of control due to an increase in duties and responsibilities, which require more time as handling each and every thing effectively can be time consuming.
  • Increase in capital requirement, larger workforce, facilities, equipment and investment.
  • Increase in staff turnover rate due to the extra workload, which might affect the morale of managers and other team members negatively, which might also decrease their productivity.

Consulting Opportunities:

The second available option is to spread Jennifer Hood’s expertise in the development of children’s physical literacy, which might be obtained by grabbing the opportunities of providing consultation and speaking at events.

Jennifer Hood is a very good speaker and consultant to various parenting groups. Her   hourly presentation to various groups in schools, child day care centers and other venues are very informative for the children’s physical literacy development from a very young age.

Physical Literacy Certification:

The third available option is to employ coaches to conduct training certification program at the two available Jump Gymnastic locations. This program will be for teenagers for the purpose of developing the fundamentals of physical trainings and basic coaching skills in the teenager groups. For this purpose, Jennifer Hood has two available periods for the teenager trainees, which are fall and spring.

According to an estimation, it is assumed that the 12 trainees would attend the session over two weekends with an estimated attendance time of around 50 hours. The estimated cost for the teenagers’ training program is around 300 Canadian dollars to 500 Canadian dollars.


According to the estimation, it has been found that the best available option is the addition of new location for Jump, because it provides the best financial security and reliability of the funds that are invested in the business growth opportunity. The addition of new Jump locations is the best considerable option for her best use of time and financial security.

Communication Objectives:

  • The main communication objective is to spread awareness about sessions for strategic planning and the process of strategic planning.
  • Another objective is to encourage the participation in strategic planning by promoting and supporting the awareness session, campus drive and process of the strategic planning.
  • Encouraging the collaboration and transparency of the strategic planning process
  • To keep all the employees, staff and coaches well informed about the strategy planning process.

To communicate the results of the strategic planning process to the public, audiences and clients of the business. (stakeholders)……….


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