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Royal Corporation established its Royal Reproduction Center (RRC) Division in 1980. The top management of the company has earned the confidence and satisfaction of its customers by providing its customers with excellent quality products as well as exceptional customer care services.

Moreover, the company has effectively expanded its operations within USA in order to earn economies of scale. The company is currently operating through its 51 offices located in 24 states of the US.This has allowed the top management of the company to increase its overall customer base, which has further allowed the company to secure a leading position in the entire market.

The company has specialized in high quality quick turnaround copying as well as the company has also specialized in duplicating and printing on the service basis. Furthermore, the company is also engaged in filling various specialized requests, which include duplicating computer reports and engineering documents, microfilming, producing overhead transparencies, and colour copying. In order to gather more orders, the field representatives who handled certain named accounts were broken down by geographic territory.


Royal Corporation has a division of Royal Reproduction Center, which specializes in high quality turnaround copying and printing services. This marketing team of RRC focuses on two products, Royal 750 colour copier and the Corporate Copy Center (CCC) concept. The top management of the company considers that CCC has high potential to generate handsome revenues as well as it also bears high potential to attract customers towards itself.

The RRC division of the company has well-established and highly skilled marketing staff, which focuses on selling Royal 750 copiers as well as Corporate Copy Center (CCC). However, the staff has a major focus on selling CCC due to its high productivity as well as potential to fuel up the overall growth of the company at a wide spread scale.

Mary Jones, a member of the sales team of RRC, is a highly skilled and proficient sales person of the company. She has sold the largest dollar volume of copiers of any sales representative in the Northeast as well as she was also awarded the tenth most successful representative in the country.

In spite of such extra ordinary selling and marketing abilities of Mary Jones, she is unable to sell the CCC product of the company. In addition to this, she is unable to formulate various strategies in order to sell CCC efficiently and effectively. Moreover, she is also making her back breaking efforts in order to prepare proposals that she have to deliver in various companies.


Products of the company:

The company primarily offers following products/services to its customers:

  • Royal Corporate Copy Center.
  • Royal Reproduction Center.
  • Royal 750 Colour Copier.

Corporate Copy Center:

The CCC offers a customer centric printing solution in which the company offers its clients a highly skilled staff to operate the equipment and manage the reproduction operations for its client at the client’s premises. Moreover, the company also customizes the equipment of the company in accordance with the needs of the customers in order to satisfy the customers of the company.

The CCC facilitates its clients with micro filming, sorting and collating, binding and covering, and colour copying. In addition to this, the product also facilitates its customers with excellent quality high volume copying.

Furthermore, the strategic decisions for this product are made by the high level management of the company as it requires significant investment. Moreover, the decisions regarding operations and finance are taken by the people bearing proficient technical knowledge and sound skills of making decisions.

In addition, the benefits associated with the CCC are; it is a customized equipment, which could be adapted easily with varying customer needs, as well as it offers a guaranteed output to its customers. In addition to this, the client would be provided with free supplies and paper as well as no labour costs. Furthermore, there are no wastage in the CCC program as well as the company provides highly skilled labour in order to ensure the overall efficiency of the operations.

Royal Reproduction Center:

Royal Reproduction Center is capable of high quality quick turnaround copying, duplicating and printing. RRC facilitates its customers with excellent quality copying, routine reproduction jobs, microfilming, colour copying, duplicating engineering documents as well as producing overhead transparencies...............................

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