Individual Leadership Development Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Individual Leadership Development Plan Case Study Solution

The assessment tool of the report analysis included the Leadership Practices inventory which is primarily a 30 item questionnaire which mainly contains five different sub scales for each of the five exemplary leadership practices. In this Practice inventory, leaders rate themselves based on the frequency of the character that they think they relate to. Each sub scale of the questionnaire consists six questions with a Likert response scale of 1 to 10 points.


The participants of the report analysis includes both researcher, colleagues, managers and supervisors. The selection of the participants was based on the closeness and the key observers of the individual personality in order to evaluate the results based on diverse set of minds regarding their own perspective about leadership they follow. Among all the techniques of Sampling, Snowball technique is also known as chain sampling technique that involved the participants of the recent study in order to recruit participants in future. The reason behind application of this sampling technique is that it provides easy access to those target characteristics which are not easy to access. (Mahin Naderifar, 2017)The application of this sampling technique is for the identification of experts’views in a given field i.e. the evaluation of the qualities of a leader.

Data Collection and analysis:

The collection of data is primarily based on the selection of those participants who were the colleagues, supervisors and the manager during the course. The process of data collection was mainly categorized in two sections i.e. collection of first-hand information and through questionnaire i.e. the Leadership practice inventory for a 360 degree feedback from the participants of the study. The first-hand question included face to face conversation while the questionnaire was based on online questions to review the answers or the perception of the participants regarding the leadership qualities.

This allows the participants with evaluation of performance, predictions and preparations of the leadership qualities based on the strengths and weaknesses and the development of ways to let researcher bring improvement in the key areas where needed. Thus, the data collected from the participants of study were required for interpretation and analysis of the score similarities and differences by answering the questionnaires’ open-ended questions. In order to record the scores, the study involves the use of an excel spreadsheet. As the excel spreadsheet is the software that allows the forecasting of the future performance and other quantitative analysis required to analyse the results of the study.

Key Findings

The findings of the study analysis demonstrated that I like to put in effect the values of Democracy and respect upon our nation was built and always speak giving examples, like people to learn different skills and at the same time and like to act and live in the “here and now”.  Similarly, according to the opinion of my colleagues I need to delegate most of the time in managing things in improved manner.But continuous follow-up of any key aspect takes a lot time and effort which often makes me frustrated.

During my career, it was believed by observers that I had learnt to go back, think and rectify and apologize if I make mistakes or made wrong decisions, but the key of my leadership is to listen, even if they are more than 20 opinion” Additionally, it was highlighted for me to admit the need to bring some change and be more patient, and manage time better.According to the opinions of the participants of the study, it is imperative to put the right people in the right skill set to success and at the end of the day will be everyone’s success, because the leadership is not only about one person but it is about the people that might need me and I would be there to serve them as per their expectations.”

Whereas the key qualities of my leadership style that were identified were humble, kind, try to be happy every day, positive thinking and attitude, even when catastrophe attacks.Also, I do not like to be upset, because of my verbally aggressive behaviour. On the other hand, I was found to be passionate about an idea to which I can significantly defend until the end and the other part has to be ready to prove me a valid point for me to surrender.

Additionally, based on the leadership traits, I tend to be a believer on the fact that everything happens for a reason and can be managed without panicking. It was also believed that communication and negotiation are the key to reach a happy medium between both parts, but I have to say the last resort is conflict and my position required to be strong if I have to fight, I will fight until I win.” As the achievement of maximum productivity requires a strong coordination among the people and the groups working in particular society.

Lessons learned:

In recent times, the successful leaders are primarily considered as the servant leaders with the capability of fostering meaningful relationship with those individuals which somehow assists in elevation of the performance. Effective training of the personal training provides assistance to individuals by realizing their full potential in a number ways:

  • It significantly assists in building strong relationship with people around them in their respective society.
  • It allows opportunities of improving the motivation and self-image.
  • It provides ways in successful overcoming the past conditioning.
  • Development of a tangible plan of action for achievement of success and goals.
  • Provides ways of encouragement and coaching to others
  • Brings significant improvement in the productivity of daily activities.
  • Provides assistance to overcome obstacles and deal with hindrances to get motivation.


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