WPP-Integrating Icons to Leverage Knowledge Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Answer 1:

Martin Sorrell has led the WPP group in an efficient manner and leveraging all his experience and the evolving trends in the market he has identified six key areas on which the group can build a profound reputation. He is of the view that the global trends are changing rapidly and so is the competitive landscape and since the group has acquired some strong brands and brought them under one umbrella, it is important for the group to keep the alignment strong in order to stay ahead for a long period.

In his search of areas that can be regarded as strengths of the company or the company can build its strengths on, the six areas are identified. Sorrell believes that by accompanying on these six key aspects the company can create an extra value for itself and can generate rare and valuable resources for competitive advantage. The first area is the media buying and making this aspect a major strength will allow the firm to hold key global clients by providing them space and time in an efficient manner.

Secondly, the area identified by Sorrell is about Common Health that offers potential as the companies in the sector are trying to seek mass-communication or mass media and the size of the company allows it to cater this need of the sector. Furthermore, the privatization is another aspect on which the company can build its strength according to Sorrell and also adopting new technologies to enhance the technological efficiency of the company and to incorporate innovation.

Besides that, he has identified the potential to improve in new markets and to enhance the operations in the new markets besides America and Europe. He is emphasizing on improving the operations in Asian countries that offer potential and also to seek new markets which will help the company strengthen its market share.

However, the last area that he has identified is the internal communication and according improving on this aspect will help the company to build strong relationships with their customers and will allow the company to serve their clients in an efficient manner. These are the key areas that are identified by Martin sorrel and as he perceived will be vital in creating value for the company.

WPP-Integrating Icons to Leverage Knowledge Case Solution

Answer 2:

The issue being faced by Sorrell is regarding recruiting new talent on high compensation and how can he be able to sustain these young talents. This is the major issue that Sorrell has identified and is posing a challenge to him and is seeking the right answer to solve this issue. However, the group is a huge brand name and many of the young graduates and MBAs try to get associated with the company. The question is regarding the compensation plan that needs to be established and must be appropriate in order to retain young talent for the long term.

To solve this issue, it is recommended to Sorrell to design a team and assign them a task to design the new compensation policy or plan that must be attractive for the employees at every point of time. The reward system must be associated with the performance and the organization should focus on providing intrinsic motivation to the employees and encourage competition and teamwork in the organization. Besides that, the taskmust be to reduce the rejection error and also to minimize the acceptance error in order to gather the appropriate talent pool that should possess commitment, competence and capability.

Answer 3:

Sorrell has been an effective leader as leading a large group with multiple strong sub-brands is not an easy task. It can be identified that alignment and internal communication among the different firms working for the same group is important in order to stay in the competition and compete effectively. Besides that, it is important to identify the key areas on which the company needs to focus and a leader needs to be proactive which will eventually give a major strength to the company...................

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