Joyoung Soymilk Maker: Segmentation Targeting and Positioning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Joyoung brand was launched in 1994 when a group of recent college graduates has invented the world's first automatic hot soy milk manufacturer of household appliances. After some ups and downs, Joyoung based manufacturer Shandong Joyoung Electric Appliances Co, Ltd in 2002. Furthermore, it was reorganized into the current company Joyoung Limited in September 2007. Joyoung sales rose rapidly from 6 million yuan in 1994 to 120 million in 1999, and this trend continued into the new century. By the first quarter of 2006, the signature product Joyoung-producers of soy milk, but have already surpassed sales of Philips Home Appliances in China. In contrast to his current success, however, the launch Joyoung Soymilk Maker does not go smoothly. When the first model of the automatic manufacturer of soy milk was introduced in 1994, people had no idea what this new creature was supposed to do. The first 2000 units Joyoung remaintroducedined stacked in storage for several months. Joyoung then decided to conduct a series of market research. Joyoung in repositioning and new development strategies based on their market research was apparently successful, and they have identified a new category of products in China and the world.
To teach students how to use the cross-tables and other tools of marketing research to determine the segmentation descriptors, to teach students to analyze data and interpret results, to teach students how the results of this research to guide product development and positioning strategy for To effectively target the appropriate customer segments. "Hide
by Yi Qian Source: Kellogg School Management 4 pages. Publication Date: December 31, 2008. Prod. #: KEL386-PDF-ENG

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Joyoung Soymilk Maker: Segmentation Targeting and Positioning

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