How Facts Change Everything (If You Let Them) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Edward R. Tufte, author of Visual Display of quantitative information and other classics of information visualization, says business will think better, make better decisions and to feel stronger, if only they would learn to talk like one another, and in the external facts. To present themselves and their products better and more honest, Taft recommends that companies focus on providing facts (not tar), to deliver as many of the facts as they can not rely on the marketing department to make it happen, and look at news sites and scientific publications for models of success. In particular, he claims that the company Google Inc, where most companies have to apply for design inspiration, and Taft continues to study the effect of corrosion, it says presentation software has on the mind. After his big idea for information, he says, will help companies stand out. "Hide
by Jimmy Guterman, Edward Tufte Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 4 pages. Publication Date: July 1, 2009. Prod. #: SMR319-PDF-ENG

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How Facts Change Everything (If You Let Them)

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