IDIEM-Catalogo Verde Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The IDIEM, through its Energy and Sustainability Department, has established a brand new line of consultancy services for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in Chile. A necessary component of the initiative is the online Catalogo Verde, a portal for the environmental rating of construction materials.

The website was created to provide technical specifications and comprehensive materials testing results for architects designing buildings to be certified as LEED compliant. The LEED certification constitutes a third party validation of the energy and environmental performance of buildings. The general public as an index of corporate social responsibility and good citizenship for the owners and users sees a LEED certification. The IDIEM-Catalogo Verde was structured as a knowledge map for the engineering and architecture markets, and also as a tool to strengthen relationship and open the doors for other IDIEM amenities. Besides, it's a tool to develop the IDIEM brand among key influencers in materials providers, government agencies, real estate investors, and the construction industry.

Catalogo Verde has been received. The funding of IDIEM is an umbrella that guarantees its superiority and competence. Management has established innumerable initiatives in order to develop online traffic and hasten the adoption of LEED by architects in Chile.


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