Professional Ethics in Psychology Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The role of ethics has an important significance in psychology.There are number of ethicalconcernsthat are taken in consideration while working as a psychologisteither in a hospital or in the personal clinicalsettings.In fact, there areseverallaws, thatcovers the legal and ethical use of phycology with more emphasis onEthicalperspectives.
Sincepsychology deals with helpingpeople overcome different mental stress, depressions andpersonality disorders, including anger management., therearechances that this connectionmay lead to certainviolation of the ethical boundaries, by the patient or the therapist, as it is natural to develop associations or relationship with the other person, whom one has been in connection for long period of time.
Such dilemmas, mayincludedeveloping the dualrelationship with thepatient such as dating or personal favors.Such. development of personal relationship or incorporation the personal association in professional phycology leads to lack of objectivity and honesty with the profession and hence leads to the breach of ethical codes.
Applying these concepts on Joana and Stephen, Joana a highlyintelligent, social and open psychologist, failed to adhere to the professionalphycology rules and code of conduct.Since she hasalways been open and highly energeticand often have low control over her mind, such activitiesandbehavior of Joanna lead to the failure to pursue the psychologisttherapiesaccording to the code of conduct.
Professional Ethics in Psychology Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Since from the start of the trainingandpsychology learning, Joannaunder the training of the supervisor failed to develop or work on her loss of control on mind. This resulted in having the personal relationship with one of her patient.Such depicts her inability and non-adherence along with non –seriousness toward the profession, since she neglected the learning da feedback of the supervisors to work over her controlling systems. Also, it leads to the ethical obligations as a therapist to adhere to the ethical principles. However,Joanna ignoring all the feedback pursue the therapy session and ended up developing a personal contact with the patient.This may not have occurred if Joanna would have worked over the controls that her supervisor and suggestedlately during thelearning process and have.
On the other hand, Stephen, being an introvert from the initial period of training lacked to develop the right relationship with the patient.In doing so, he took a recessive approach indealing with the hurdles facing the patientsand also had the weak personalitywhich made the patient take control over the communication during the session.Such is a fail of the therapist, since it agitatesthe patient more. Moreover since Stephenfailed to consider the feedback ofthesupervisorduring the learning period, he failed to develop the personalitytrait ad communicationskills that are required to have an effective therapist communication and stance.
In addition to this, Stephen, to overcome the hurdles that he encountered during session withGeorge, adopted the neglecting approach, in which he often took leaves and adapted the aloof attitude.Such actions are unethical in nature for professional phycology, since it outlines the ignorance of the therapist towards hispatient, which in need reaches for the therapies. This may not have occursif Stephen have taken theresponsibility to rectify his behavior that aligned with the psychologyprofession. In both the case the lack of responsibilityand accountability led to the unethical actions of the twopersonals.......

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