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The case is basically a professional issue in Computing where a company that is marketing and advertising agency Calder Fleet world that is basically a promotional campaign company that has been in the same business for the past 25 years. The company helps its clients by obtaining the various information such as the demographic details which includes age, gender, sex, living place, etc. Calder Fleet wood is then paid by the clients or the companies to run the competition on behalf of the company which helps the clients identify the potential clients and their information.

Recently the company Calder Fleet world has hired a new Information Technology Consultant Emily Raeburn, who is an independent consultant that has been hired to provide the company with the technical and analytical advice on introducing and developing a new marketing database that is named as “Reaper”. The purpose of the newly introduced database Reaper to launch to help extract information of customers, which includes the name, age, status, hobbies, etc. for the people entering the competition on behalf of the clients. With all the features associated with the database Reaper, on 1st February the project was started. The expected time of the collection of the project was five months.  Once the project Reaper was completed by the end of June, it was ready with a database of 4,500,000 people across 7 advertisement campaigns. In the agreement it was also mentioned that the data of customers will be kept secret.

Michael in October sold the database information of Brisbane customers to Moral Guardians of Australia at a price of $8,200. However, the company was a fraud and it was an unethical move by the company. However, the company was also concerned about the back up for the memory stored in the database for which Emily transferred a copy of the data in a UST stick.


Legal Factors:

The analysis parts constitutes for the following factors which has to be discussed while completing the legal factors of the paper. This includes the personal factors, Employment and Social factors, professional factors, Intrinsic factors and the Prioritization factors.

The core legal aspect of the case is the element of keeping the customer data hidden. This actually means that all the data that Calder Fleet world extracts for the clients should be kept confidential and should not be leaked at any cost. This is the main legal obligation for the company because the data which is provided if transferred or handed over to any other person or a company can be misused and the information of the people can be used in a wrong or illegal activity.

Therefore, on the part of both Emily and the company Calder Fleet wood, Emily signed a legally-binding, Non-Disclosure Agreement where she was restricted to share or give away any information of Reaper and its database resources to anyone until written approval of the company is given. This law was installed because no company wants to let others extract the information it has obtained with hard work and monetary stake.

Professional Factors

This is the situation where employees sometimes find themselves under. In this situation, the employer demands its employees to do something that is not professional. In this scenario, the factor which demanded Emily to asked to customer information in the illegal notice. This was due to the fact that the company did not want to inform customers about the, address, age, occupation, marital status, hobbies, annual income, etc. therefore, they advised Emily not to inform customers about this fact in the database.

Employment and the Social Factors

In the current scenario, Calder Fleet world which is promotional company has been a part of the industry for 25 years, therefore it has to follow some society rules and regulations. In the current situation, it is the social obligation for the company to keep the customer's information a secret which cannot be shared at any cost with any company. As the case states, Michael sold Brisbane customer information to a local company who was later on found to misuse the data. Therefore, it is a necessary element for any company to keep the secrecy of the information. With the current situation of the company the secrecy of the clients was at stake and was in fact passed on to others too. To overcome the issue, it would have been better that major information of the customer should have been kept under the security of check of reliable security.

Personal Factors

The element of personal factor plays a key and vital role for any person on the individual level. In the current scenario, it can be said that all the three individuals included in the introduction of Reaper database have to make sure that they do not involve in any misuse of the data. This segment of legal aspect does not....................

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