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Introduction Case Study Solution

The main recommendation Walmart requires is the change and modifications in the mission and vision statements. Wholly focus of mission and vision statements is upon the financial benefits to the customers while other factors are missing from these statements. Other factors are the nine components of the mission statement which provides the knowledge about the company and the purpose of its existence. These nine essential elements of mission statement are:

  1. Knowledge about the customers that who are the customers of Walmart.
  2. Knowledge about the products and services of Walmart.
  3. What are the targeted market and customers of the Walmart?
  4. What current technology is Walmart using?
  5. Concern for the Walmart survival, growth of Walmart and upcoming plans and Profitability of Walmart.
  6. Self-Concept. Walmart internal analysis likes its strength, competitive advantage and so on.
  7. Like what are the beliefs and values of the Walmart.
  8. Concern for public image of Walmart.
  9. Concern for employees of Walmart.

The other main recommendation is to change the communication plan for Walmart. Communication change is very necessary for the Walmart because it will provides an opportunity to the low level employees of the Walmart to give the suggestions and feel like they have a valuable place in their organization. This will increase the morale of the employees and ultimately they will put the more efforts which ultimately provides the more revenues and profits in future..........


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