Internal Consultant to ABC Group Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Section 1: Myths, Misconceptions, and Barriers


The ABC[1] group is the one leading toBPO outsourcing company, which provides solutionsto the many types of business including individual SME’s, corporations, and other firms that are solely based on the customers in the market, and that could not handle their accounts departments. Furthermore, the ABC group undertook the responsibility of the accounts department as outsourced by the client, providing solutions to their risen complexity of the accounting activities.

The company’sperformance is wholly based on the internal control or because the workplace is not much productive due to some problems. The ABC group is the outsourcing group that provides all kinds of accounting services like payroll management, handling the payable and receivables, including the inventory management to its clients. On the other hand, the group is known for its well unparalleled structured business services in the market that give most of its clients with valued services, who are also satisfied with the teamregarding services.

On the other hand, beyond these factors, there are many other issues that ABC group is facing internally where its employee turnover is very high, and its quality department has been experiencing amajor problem related to the employees that are doing different jobsat clients’ workplace. However, the quality department is responsible for finalizing the reports and to cross-checkthat the quality is being verified in this department to ensure that clients’ requirements are well fulfilled, which indicates that overall the workis fully checked and finalized to report to the client periodically.

Furthermore, the increasing mistakes have been amajor concern for the management at ABC group to come up with a long-term sustained solution, which could address the problem of the high employee turnover and increasing mistakes. Apart from that, it is also possible that both problems could also have been interlinked with each other.

Internal Consultant to ABC Group Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Myths & Misconception

  • ABC company’s fame
  • Relying on the quality department
  • Depending on the team members.

Barriers to stymie creativity and limited productivity

  • High Employee Turnover
  • Inefficient Team members
  • Late sittings uncompensated

The ABC group is well known for its services in the market, however, its high employee turnover could be major concerning problem in the future. The reason for this is becausethe company has been one of leading BPO companies in the market, which is known for its work on behalf of the clients. In addition to this, this fame in the market could be dangerous for the employees to take advantage of the name, and work inefficiently.

On the other hand, the employees might be dependent on the quality department to finalize the report of the clients whereas, the quality department is there to check and not to revise or redo the work themselves, which could be amisconception to the employees.Moreover, itis highly anticipated that high employee turnover would be amost critical barrier towards the progress of the creativity and productivity of the work done in the organization.

[1] Name of the organization has been changed for privacy and confidentiality of the internal information, that could affect the organization negatively, by means it could damage the name of company..........................

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