Smart Communications Plan (Whole Foods) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


            The Whole Foods Market, Inc is a United States based food supermarket chain that has been specializing itself in the field of organic foods. The company started its operations in the year 1980. The company until now has stores in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The company is headquartered in the Austin, Texas (Van Allen, 2013).

            The procurement office of the Whole Foods is in Watsonville, California. The CEO of the retail supermarket is John Mackey. The company is a public traded company. The company has been quite successful with its organic food concept.

            The initial growth of the company has come through the mergers and acquisitions. Whole Foods started off by purchasing “Whole Food Company” from Peter Roy, who eventually went on to become the first president of Whole Foods. During this period, three of the four founding members of Whole Foods left the company which eventually made Mackey the CEO and the decision maker for the company. In 1992, Whole Foods became a public entity (Moore, 2005).

            The human resource culture at the Whole Foods is such where they are made to work in teams and all the members are called team members. The company has looked to develop a culture where the personal commitment and personal goals are aligned with the overall vision and mission of the organization (Moore, 2005).

            The products that are offered by Whole Foods are slightly high priced, but due to the high quality and health conscious element they are perceived as better quality products.

Organizational current strategy

            The current organizational goals of the company Whole Foods is to be to actually provide its customers with the healthy food products. Moreover, the company and its management are also focused on selling the highest quality organic and natural products to all the customers worldwide. Moreover, the company has been aiming to build upon a team of employees that shall help the organization achieve excellence and happiness (Stroh, L. 2002).

            Along with this, the idea of the company has been to create revenues through profits and growth and by serving the people with the utmost quality. The company has also been working upon the aspect of supporting the global communities and the local communities. It has also been looking to participate in advancing the environmental stewardship (Van Allen, 2013).

            Moreover, the company has been aiming to create a win-win partnership with all the suppliers. Finally, the current strategy of the company has been focused on health of all the stakeholders who are involved in the firm by educating the people about the importance of eating healthy and organic food (Dwyer, 2010).


Vision and Mission of Whole Foods:

            At the company Whole Foods, the idea is to bring in healthy products for the customers. The company basically looks to provide simple foods solutions to the customers. Moreover, the company has been looking to offer all its stakeholders, considerable amount of products that shall help in sustaining the health of all the stakeholders that are a part of the company Whole Foods. The vision of the company is to provide the future children with human value, creating and human choice.

            As per the company, in the company period, the business shall look to focus on whole foods and the organic foods because of the increasing awareness among the general public about the element of consuming health conscious and healthy food. Organizations have become increasingly concerned about the fact and will look to focus on providing customers with organic food (Van Allen, 2013).

Smart Communications Plan (Whole Foods) Case Solution

            The mission of the company Whole Foods has been to stay, "healthy" means a whole lot more. It goes beyond good for you, to also encompass the greater good. Whether you're hungry for better, or simply food-curious, we offer a place for you to shop where value is inseparable from values.

Goal of the company

            The basic idea or the theme of the paper revolves around the fact, where the company discussed in the paper has to develop a strategic communication plan for itself. The organization that shall be discussed in the paper shall be Whole Foods. The idea behind this move is to develop a strategic communication plan which the management of the company can follow and develop a plan for the future, where it can reach out potential stakeholders.....................

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