CAROLINAS HEALTHCARE SYSTEM Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


What are the Dulin Most important Challenges going forward?

By analyzing the overall case, and the market dynamics, it can be outlined that the most important challenge Dulin face is the selection of the right pilot testing program. Since all the four programs designed have certain market opportunities that will allow the CHS to dwell deeply into the market and increase the level of operations, yet there are some threats associated/ uncertainties which may hinder the Dulin strategy to improvise the overall CHS system in the long-term. The major challenge in selecting the pilot testing program is the level of uncertainty/risk associated with it,since there are no prior testing results and market research. Dulin is uncertain and confused in selecting the right plan for the organization.

Also, since the main objective of the CHS is to adapt such program which on one hand reduces the cost of operations and improve the adaptability while on other hand convert and transform the cost associated with da2 program into benefit by increasing the internal efficiency of the overall functions of the CHS, the selection of the right pilot testing program is essential hence pressurizing dulin in making the final decision.

Another challenge Dulin facing is continuous increasing cost of the DA program., Since CHS has incorporated and synced with the da programs and integrated its function with da, the dependence on the program has increased, which means that in the near future, in order to incorporate the market needs, the DA program cost will also rise in terms of subscription and maintenance fees. Dulin is facing the challenge to minimize the DA cost by improving the internal efficiency, which on one hand will cover the cost of the DA, by improved operational and revenues while on other hand will allow the CHS to delve deeply into the market dynamics and other parameter to capitalize the market opportunity through DA smooth integration in the system.

Lastly an important challenge for Dulinis the establishment of innovative culture in the CHS. Since the idea of customer analytics and data mining is still new in the, market, the right alignment of human resource with the technological change is the challenge. Also, the development of dynamic culture with in health care industry is a challenge for Dul into change.

Which organizations are best-placed to provide integrated data management for individual patients?

The organizations which are best-placed to provide the integrated data management services for the patients are the educational sectors that are dealing with the public awareness issues in the community and offering the services of spreading awareness and education among the patients.Since these educational sectors are located in the local vicinity, they have a substantial patient footfall and data that could be used to derive the disease type of the certain community on a larger scale. In addition, since the educational centers have variety of patients visiting for different purposes, they gave quite a good amount of data maintained and stored that could be incorporated into the data management system to offer a streamlined service level to the patient.

Also, the public research centers and the local community centers are also the best-placed organization to provide a concrete and large amount of data to develop an integrated Management system for the patient. Since the public research centers have a vast knowledge of the type of disease and the environmental history of the patients,they allow the system to incorporate the micro and Marco factors both in the system, which allow the system to develop more precise data management system for the particular disease type and patient.

Moreover, the integrated management system can be developed through integrating the data from the research and development caters of the local region and community. Since the research and development centers have a mix and vast amount of data from different regions and communities, such use of data in developing the integrated management system will be of substantial use, since it will allow the management to incorporate as many treatments, patient symptoms, disease type and environmental factors, making the system reliable and valid for the treatment of the patient with proposed solution.

.Also, such organizations using the data management techniques allows the healthcare centers to develops the evidence based treatment for the individual patient type, mitigating the trial and error techniques to treat the customers rightly. Though these educational and research institution incur an additional cost for the company and increases the pricing based on the level of usage, however, the data and reports received from such organization allows the business to develop the long-term strategies based on minimum uncertainties and risk.........................

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