Integrated Reporting At AEGON Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Integrated reporting (IR) is the modern mode of communication between the company and its various stakeholders. Integrated reporting is used to communicate the strategy, performance and governance of the organization that could lead to value creation not only for the shareholders but for the wider group of stakeholders. It provides stakeholders with all the financial and non-financial information that could help them in maintaining their association with the organization in the future.

The AEGON Group was founded in the year 1983.As a result of the merger of the three well-known companies named AGO Holding N.V. Ennia N.V. and AEGON N.V. The AEGON Group is operating in three business segments which are life insurance, pension and asset management. The company has expanded to almost 24 different countries and it employs approximately 24,000 employees in these locations. The management of the AEGON seems to be very enthusiastic regarding the expansion of the business of the company, for the expansion purpose the management have greatly relied on both organic and inorganic strategies of growth.
Integrated Reporting At AEGON Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Apart from the enthusiasm of the management, they are very committed to maintain the reputation of the company in the eyes of customers, shareholders and other wider community of stakeholders as well. Before 2008, the management of AEGON was publishing four types of reports to communicate their financial and non-financial matters with the stakeholders and shareholders, however, the management decided to abandon one report as many reports containedthe same information.

In the year 2013, the AEGON published integrated report for the very first time.The aim of this report was to enhance the reputation of the company by providing necessary information to all the relevant stakeholders. However, many of the senior executives at AEGON were considering this initiative as a potential area which could result in unexpected liabilities towards the company by providing information which is not mandatory.

Problem Statement:

There are not many problems at AEGON regarding the integrated reporting but there are some dissatisfactions and conflicts among the management regarding the integrated reporting program. Some of the senior managers are exerting pressure on the other managers to not publish this report as this could expose the company to potential liabilities. On the other hand, some of the managers are in the favor of this report, according to them this could result in increased positive reputation of the company.

Importance of integrated reporting:

The integrated reporting is very important for businesses especially in the modern business environment where the emphasis of investors on the transparency CSR is very high. There can be many benefits which the organizations can only achieve with the help of integrated reporting. Many people perceive integrated reporting as useful for just communicating but it can be said that integrated reporting can also be used for managing the operations of the organization. By planning and analyzing the six major capitals available to the entity, the entity can better plan the usage of the resources and capital. (Shephard, 2017).............................

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