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Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Case Solution


This case is about Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, which provides information about the effect of improvement and benefits associated with the continuation and discontinuation of different departments. Dr. Uma Kotagal is the senior vice president, quality & transformation of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and is considering increasing the rate of improvement of the performance of the Hospital, which is also one of the problems faced by Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the impact it has had on the hospital. The main question in Kotagal mind isthat whether CCHMC should implement the strategy centrally or in a decentralized way. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is a not-for-profit organization established in the year 1883, operating in Cincinnati providing health care services and it is observed that it provides services to the 2.2 million residents. The hospital has over 40 medical divisions headed by a director who is a physician.Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has grown over the years since its inception in 1883 and by 2009, CCHMC had grown from a regional hospital to an internationally recognized facility. The facility was ranked third among the pediatric hospitals by the U.S News & report as well as CCHMC has been awarded with American Hospital Association-McKesson quest for the quality price, which showed CCHMC’s commitment towards patients’ care as well as the step it has taken to ensure improvement in patient care by providing better care for the patients.

hmc case solution

hmc case solution

Problem Statement

The main issue faced by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is the less parking space available in the hospital as well as it has to take an initiative to eliminate drugs abusers. Despite CCHMC’s efforts, no real progress can be seen in resolving these issues.


Evaluation of the approach Dr. Kotagal and her team took to improving treatment of childhood Cystic Fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis is a disease that affects the lungs & digestive system. In the U.S, around 30000 children & adults have cystic fibrosis. The main cause of CF is defect in the gene that causes sticky mucus, which then clogs the lungs and causes lung infection.The approach taken by Dr. Kotagal and her team to improve treatment of cystic fibrosis includes the following aspects:

  • Frequent visits every three months for newly diagnosed children.
  • Working with primary care provider for routine illness, vaccines & care.
  • Following a strict treatment plan for long term help.
  • Participating in more physical activity such as swimming, bicycling & running (research has shown children with CF benefit from physical activities).
  • Keeping a healthy diet which is rich in calories & nutrition.
  • Controlling the spread of infections by taking proper precautions.

The evaluation of the approach taken by Dr. Kotagal and her team focused on improving the outcome of CF center. The performance of CF center was poor where the doctors admitted that the treatment they were giving to patients with CF were yielding poor outcomes. The approach of transparency which Kotagal took to make their performance public as gathered by the cystic fibrosis foundation (CFF) was a very hard decision to make.Although it was expected that it would yield unfavorable results (i.e. law suits, dissatisfied patients), however the results were completely different from what was expected by the management. The approach taken by Kotagal benefited the hospital where CF team and the parents of the patients at CCHMC worked together to improve CF’s outcome. Moreover, this approach increased the patients’ confidence and led to the facility getting more respect. CF’s team also made it their mission to increase the patient care and services, which may not matter financially however, in relation to patient care, it meant a great deal to the patients, which further increased patients’ confidence, which in turn increased patients’ loyalty, leading to an increase in the revenues......................

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