Integrity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the importance of integrity for an organization. Itrepresents the idea, that without the presence of integrity in the organization, the work performed is not ethically right or offers the right results that under the lawful definition of integrity proves to be right. The idea of integrity in the organization and among people is not long gone, after decades of industrialization, the idea of Integrity was proposed by the scholars to reinforce its importance for the individuals and as well as for theorganization.The case also illustrates the managerialdilemma that outlines the loopholes a weakness of the managers to pursue the job role with full adaption to the integrity rules and guidelines.
Integrity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Keywords:  Integrity, OrganizationalIntegrity, individual integrity, ManagerialDilemma
















The word integrity in the financial institution is not long gone, it has been coined after almost 100 years by the economist to enhance and to improve the soundness of the business and the economy.The word integrity by literal means the state of full honestly and moral equality. Itrefers to the honesty of the individuals, financialinstitutionsand the organizations in times of risk and option of self-interest.Since self-interest is the paining factor in the personality trait of human, many times, the integrity of the organizationandeven the individual is put on stakes for the sake of Self-interest.

Perhaps, the article emphasis on the presence of the integrity and its impact on the workability, performance and overall impact on the system.Since integrity refers to the wholeness and sound state, it improves the state of work in an organization, since the role of the individual is firmly supported by the role of integrity and the values outlined by it which refers the wholeness and sound uninterrupted performance of the individual or the organization.And since integrity improves the workability of the organizationand the individual it creates an amplifiedimpact on the overall performance of the organization or the individual and hence improves the accountability of the organization in the market.

It is also analyzed that due to the over implied reinforcements of Integrity in the organization, different roles anddomains has been identified which has improved the job descriptions ofthe managers and the performanceparameters to measure the level of integrity pursuedin the organization................

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