The Dynamics of Strategic Agility: Nokia’s Rollercoaster Experience Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This article offers a framework in order to address the fundamental conundrum in strategic management: How can firms transcend the trade-off between the impetus that results from the strong tactical commitments needed to gain industry direction with the need for strategic agility in the face of tactical discontinuities? The article develops an investigation of the meta-capabilities underlying tactical agility, which is clustered around strategic susceptibility (both the sharpness of understanding and the intensity of knowledge and focus), resource fluidity (the internal capacity to reconfigure business systems and redeploy resources quickly), and leadership unity (the skill of the top team to make bold choices quickly, without becoming bogged down in "win-lose" politics at the top).The Dynamics of Strategic Ability Nokia’s Rollercoaster Case Solution

Based on an in-depth study of the development in the last twenty years of Nokia, this post demonstrates how these three meta- capabilities interact over time and proposes a framework to enable a company to keep and recover tactical agility as it matures.


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The Dynamics of Strategic Agility: Nokia’s Rollercoaster Experience

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