Innovation Lessons From China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

However, the Chinese markets have higher demands for high-tech products, yet many of the leading companies operating in China have serious concern about their sustainability. The key issues encountered by these leading organizations include the unfair regulations for multinational companies, unfair practices by the competitors, and intellectual property theft as an integral part of the Chinese market. The authors, Troels Beltoft and Edward S. Steinfeld, also agreed with some of these concerns about the Chinese market. They highlighted the part of China that actively participates to support multinational firms in the country. The unique technology of China is explored by the authors in their research that has become crucial for the companies to mark success in international markets. The authors acknowledged that the current position of Chinese market may not be suitable for new invention or path-breaking R&D. But the market has the potential to make you learn about how to develop innovative ideas and capitalize on those ideas. The case is accompanied by detailed illustrations, including semiconductor design and wind turbine manufacturing. The authors categorized the Chiense knowledge into four categories: capacities for quick rhythm operations and pace to market, focus on varying customer needs, the highest skills for reducing cost and skills for unique networked production. The authors note that in China various individuals stress that their society’s focus on manufacturing has come at the expense of innovation. On the other hand, many Western believe that manufacturing offshoring is the primary reason of blocking the innovation. However, the authors argue that both the perspectives miss the mark that the pioneering ideas are lacking the commercial value unless they are transformed into products, at a price point and within the customer's desired time frame.

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Innovation Lessons From China

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