Revisiting Complexity in the Digital Age Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

To enhance the value of services and products the companies have targeted a wide range of customers, increased the innovation, followed new mediums, and have made their offering complex. At the same time, as a certain consequence, the companies have also diverted from the feedback approach and have made difficult for itself to manage the workforce in accomplishing the objectives. There has been a trade-off between good and bad complexity for the companies. In the advanced economy, while maintaining simple criteria for employees and customers the companies can utilize the expertise to deal with this tradeoff and enhance value-adding complexity. The internet has dramatically helped the customers in choosing among different available products through searching, customers’ feedback, and seller ratings like Inc.’s 10 million products create value for it because of simple processes. While the second example is of Royal Phillips that uses and reuses digitized platforms and is offering regionally differentiated products in 60 categories in over 100 countries. The article provides a framework for the organizations to accomplish “complexity sweet spot” in the advanced era – that is, through simplest procedures the maximum value from different and integrated products. The research conducted by the authors concluded that companies have marked significant profits in the industry while operating in this complexity sweet spot. However, there are few techniques to incorporate the sweet spot. The primary focus is the person responsible for managing company’s complexity, as no official truly supervise all the operations and development of products and services. The individual driving an organization’s search for the complexity sweet spot must transform the organization’s culture to incorporate the complexity management into the company’s DNA. The authors confidently acknowledged the fruitful outcomes and said that always have the positive rewards.

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