Value Chain Migration at Infosys (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Infosys is a respected, India-based information technology (IT) software services provider, established in July 1981. Acceleration time the company has been particularly impressive in the last few years, starting from 1995. The initial business model of arbitration of labor and was based on the differential wage rates for IT professionals in India and developing countries. Boom of the late 1990s, catalyzed by Y2K-related problems, as a result of the opportunities that the company capitalized on. Today, the company serves clients are from Global 2000 companies. Based on its strong ethical and principled approach, implementation experience, the relentless search for quality and customer satisfaction, the company had an astounding financial success and became the darling of the stock markets in India and the United States. Despite its successful experience, Infosys for the last few years actively applies himself to the fundamental issue of determining factors of success for the next 10 years. Infosys was deeply concerned about using their current strong position to become a much stronger company, in order to ensure the continued growth and success in the long term. Case presents issues that Infosys was struggling with, and invites creative solutions come up, go ahead. "Hide
on DVR Seshadri, James A. Narus Source: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 30 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2007. Prod. #: IMB319-PDF-ENG

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Value Chain Migration at Infosys (A)

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