How Sustainable Is Your Competitive Advantage Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Thanks to the strategy, the company aims to maintain its competitive advantage. However, only recently have begun to study strategies to learn how long specific benefits can be sustained. On the basis of studying the stability of the model in a number of industries, this paper shows how the competitive pressures associated with the product imitation can be predicted by identifying the key features, or isolating mechanisms underlying the benefits of the company. Some of the key dynamic capabilities are classified according to how fast they are duplicated. Simulating the possibility of forming many strategic decisions in the company, really distinctive character of the companies, and, thinking that in these conditions, managers improve consistency and responsiveness of their company as they pursue their strategic mission to the world markets. "Hide
by Jeffrey R. Williams Source: California Management Review 23 pages. Publication Date: April 1, 1992. Prod. #: CMR037-PDF-ENG

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How Sustainable Is Your Competitive Advantage

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