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Higher Ground

Assignment # 02

Higher ground is a fascinating and mesmeric chronicle that is based on a woman with her faith on religion and values. It is based on the concentration of a woman into basic faith that changes her decisions in her life. The memoir is beautifully written by Carolyn Briggs that gives a captivating look towards nature and faith. The story is based on a woman who was finding her place in the world. The memoir was in the beginning available named as This Dark World.

 Later on, the book has been adapted into a film that was directed by Vera Farmiga knows as Higher Ground. The story is based on a woman, Corinne, who was dating a musician boyfriend and soon got pregnant before marriage at the age of seventeen.

She was hopeless because of her parent’s disintegration at the age of eighteen until she found a light in a dark. In a little while, she had absorbed herself into a connection with the church. Later on, she found herself dissatisfied with her religion and started doubting on her beliefs. As the time passes by, she started to question her religion, faiths and beliefs that were once given her hope to live.

In both film and memoir, sexuality is one (if not the) agency for change in Carolyn/Corrine’s life. Do both film and book validate this subject as a central source of conflict? If not, why not; if so, what makes it so? Why do you think both film and book make it a decisive part of her crisis of faith?

The other character in the film who brightens the film was Annika, a creative, funny, mischievous, sensuous and creative girl. She was adored by her husband who thinks of her as a girl with a loving nature. Further, Annika tried to counsel Corinne about the sexual life after marriage. She believes that sex should never die in a marital relationship and even told her that she sometimes draw sketches of her husband’s penis. In addition to this, she once ditches a policeman by appealing him sexually and explained that the reason behind exceeding the car limit was the emergency in her underwear.

The novel is based on religious authorization about sex and the sexuality, but neither in the film, nor in Memoir, was sexuality the agency for change. There are critics who structured Higher Ground as a film or novel that capturing an experience related to the crisis of faith and the film successfully captured this concept. However, there was something more than something that was more provoking and challenging. It also exposes the crises that arise in the communities with respect to the presence of women. The issue became more significant when women are part of any institution that was executed by men.

Corinne attended a meeting with a counselor that deals in Christian Marriages soon after the husband chokes Corinne at the station. In the absence of her husband, the counselor told Corinne that there is a high need to ask forgiveness for herself, to make everything good in her life. All the problems she is having in her married life is because of that because she wandered from the faith for so long. Either, she can be in paradise with her husband or in hell with dogs and wolves. It can be said that faith on sexuality has a major point for Corinne that acted as an agency for change.

Both film and memoir of Higher Ground often diverge from one another, not only in relation to the characters, but subjects as well. The issue of abortion, for example, plays a meaningful role in Carolyn Briggs’ evolution as a disbeliever. We see her become someone who protests against it to someone who refuses to protest against it.

Discuss how your evaluation of Carolyn in the book is different from the film’s Corrine by absenting this important shift of perspective. This question requires that you present a discussion of Briggs’ internal dilemma as a person of faith who willingly accepted the position of the protesters at the behest of her church and then purposefully withheld participation when she stepped outside the parameters of her religious community.)

In terms of representing a woman of faith, do you find this effective? If so, why; if not, why not?

Lead character in the film and memoir Corinne was initially skeptical about the God and its presence. The main reason behind that was the abortion of her brother and the poor relationship between her parents that eventually ended up in separation. Her believe if there was a God, then her brother won't die. In addition to this, she also believed that God does not exist because her parent’s marital relationship was a failure.................................

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