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Retail furniture company that refused to standard retail industry's business model, denounced the growth of debt and equity financing, and embraced the unique multi-stakeholder model, who value quality and the bottom line of the relationship forward in the production of stellar financial results reach the opposite success. Its culture is supported by tension, favorable growing conditions for their employees, which contributed to the high participation of workers and, in turn, the high participation of the client. Now founder confronted his biggest problem: how to legitimize unusual business model, culture, the environment and the worker he has built. Its main purpose is to preserve and protect its "relationship" business model, which is the heart and soul of the success of the business. "Hide
by Edward D. Hess Source: University of Virginia Darden School Foundation 10 pages. Publication date: April 22, 2008. Prod. #: UV1322-PDF-ENG

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Room & Board

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