Forus Health: Crossing the Disruptive Product Chasm Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In April 2013, Forus Health Private Limited's cofounder and chief executive officer sat in his office in Bangalore, India considering his company's future direction. He was under pressure by his venture capital associate to quickly penetrate the market for 3nethra - a low-cost, multifunctional and advanced ophthalmology device - before imitators stepped in. Given its features and advantages over high-priced imported specialized tools, 3nethra could help address the enormous task of obstructing blindness in India, but since three years of inception, just 100 devices had been sold.

Although the market opportunity was huge, approval by the ophthalmology profession was essential to gaining impetus. He had two options: to build a satisfactory base of favorable word of mouth to gain the momentum necessary to pole vault from the early to the mainstream marketplace or to maximize sales numbers throughout the scattergun approach of going all out and all around the market. Nattuvathuckal Barnabas is affiliated with SVKM's NMINMS University.


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Forus Health: Crossing the Disruptive Product Chasm

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