Foreign Or Domestic Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Connie Hatley is a businesswoman who holds a variety of different business equities. A South Korean auto-manufacturer approached her and offered a deal of a multi-dealership arrangement. From the outlook of the deal, it look pretty attractive but the project has its own pros and cons. Along with this proposal,she gets some interesting details about the South Korean Company and Connie Hatley is very much impressed from the sales data that they provide, beside this, she is still dealing with an indecisive condition where she doesn’t know what would be the next step.

Hatley identified communicational barriers, she was worried about the fact that the current sales of the Korean company are on a declining phase and it is half way across the globe with a distance of 10,766 kilometers. What if she didn’t receive scheduled deliveries, whom would she call in the time of urgency?Not to mention, a barrier of communication would always be there.It will create an impact on the decision that a company requires to make and might hurt some of company’s decisions when a collaboration is required from both the sides. There would also be some cultural differences, different point of views and perceptions, use of jargons and language difference which would initiate problems while doing business with outsiders.

These problems can be resolved to an extent because what so ever the solution is, the South Korean company would be in South Korea, which means she would have to communicate thoroughly because the decision would likely be unanimous. This unanimous decision will require time to communicate between the companies and would be considered as an obstacle in decision making. Other than this, the company has own its cross-functional management issues but in today’s world, the solution exists with the same name of cross-cultural management. It highlights different challenges that a company would face and view such problems as an opportunity to grow. Cross-cultural management helps a company to address issues regarding diversity, innovation, networking and organizational culture. An article suggested that leaders at all levels can build multicultural teams for the resolution of these problems. (Schomer, 2000)

 Foreign Or Domestic Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Based on communication alone, Hatley should proceed with the offer of the South Korean company. The reason is, Hatley haw many other options available to deal with the issue regarding barriers of communication and it would not be justifiable to leave this offer as it carries a 50% higher profit ratio than the deal she is getting from the American brands. The Korean Automotive business has a significant importance already in the American market because of sales growth in the recent years and provides an entrepreneurial opportunity as big thingslike this are always a hustle and therefore, as an entrepreneur, Hatley should consider eliminating this communicational barrier and figure out a way to expand this business in the US.

Learn to Listen is an approach that uses technique of clarification and reflection, it involve a clear state of mind and enables a person to focus on the message that is being received.To improve communication and deal with the situation more effectively,Hatley should also be aware of others’ emotions and empathy &encouragement should be provided too.(Skills you need, 2015)................

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