Massive Incorporated Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Situation of the Case

The massive incorporated is an advertising company that has been dominantly offering variety of services under the name of the massive network that has allowed the game developers to place the advertisement or ads within the video games. The network has been leveraging the profit returns of the company in multiple means.

The marketing strategy has becoming complex for the company as well. The company had to find the ways to market the new product in the new industry. The strategy that might make the company competent had to be developed in order to succeed in the forthcoming years. The company had a series of options to launch mass advertising but the co-founder and chief operating officer has determined the fact that the company must ponder on new means of advertising and must ponder on keep asking questions continually in order to have a distinct idea regarding the choices and preferences of the population.

Market Opportunity

The massive incorporate has been investigating for the unique opportunitythat might increase the revenues of the company.The gaming market has been expanding with $28 billion worldwide. Furthermore the market opportunity for the massive multiplayer online tends to be significantly growing.

The massive has been determined that to serve the latest and new means of advertising to the market. Since the company has been dealing in providing the game technology to the buyers, the primary and core focus of the company seems limited towards the traditional advertising modes but later on the company has been decided to provide the online technology for semi persistent and non-persistent multiplayer games. The company has been intending to offer a pluggable technology and has desiring to focus on better and incomparable quality products. This portfolio might reduce the infrastructure and operational cost and might make the company profitable.

The company has been seeking for the new and latest advertising mediums and found it as an opportunity that might exclusively position the company to become a worldwide leader in the advertising industry. The company has also been striving to capitalize on the expansion of such technologies in the interactive and wireless television market.

Massive Incorporated Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Key Issues

Verily, the massive incorporated has been competing in the advertising industry since decades and offering the assortment of services and software to the host advertisement within audiovisual games. The Company has also launched online game adverting network itself but the company has been pondering to market new products that might leverage the profit returns and so the company might able to ensure its sustainability in the competitive world.

  • Even though, the company has been flourishing and beating the competition to the punch, the cofounder and chief operating officer has been realized the fact that thetarget market might diversify to the new and latest means of advertisement rather than traditional because the people tend to inclined towards the online video game advertising.
  • Since the market had greater opportunities, it tends to be difficult for the massive to develop market opportunity in an efficient manner.
  • Another problem be apt to be enter into the new industry and offer new product to them in order to meet their demand for exceptional quality and latest means of product...................

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