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In this dissertation, the Bouin solution is used under which the protocols for the control slides arediscussed. The Bouin solution is used for the fixation of the tissue and to preserve cell and tissue components. The procedure that is needed to be followed during the process of fixation is to follow the substantial changes to the appearance and composition of tissues and cells. The procedure required for the tissue processing has beendiscussed. In addition to this, the same protocol for the mason trichrome of control slide are discussed with the variation and changes in temperature and pressure for the uterus tissue. Thus, the control slides for the uterus tissue aredetermined on the basis of the high and low temperature as well as the uterus fixation is also determined based on different time horizons.



Bouin's Solution


The Bouin solution is a sort of fixative usually used in histology. Pol Bouin was aFrench biologist who invented this solution which is composed of the acetic acid, formaldehyde and picric acid in an aqueous solution. It is supposed to be agood fixative for the tissue structure with delicate and soft tissue ought to be preserved.With Bouin solution, formalin fixative tissue tends to be mordant which can result in better staining outcomes in the trichrome stains (Bouin_solution, 2017).

The ultimate purpose of the Bouin is that it can be benefited for the testicular fixation, because it might preserve chromosomes and nuclei which can well beobserved during meiosis. It is widely used for the procedures of staining as a mordant.

Principles: Bouin solution for Masson's Trichrome Stain

As the name indicates, there are three dyes which tend to beselectively employed staining muscle, fibrin, collagen fibers and erythrocytes.In trichrome staining, the primaryrule is that there are less porous tissues, and the smallest dye molecule colorsthose less porous tissues.Whenever the dye of the large size of molecule becomes able to penetrated, it has to be done at the expense of the smaller molecule.

For the connective tissues, Bouin solution might be considered as the favorite fixative if it is intended to be strain with the trichrome strains. In the mason trichrome strain, it is one of the crucial and inevitablesteps, due to which the tissue strain can be made better with the acid dyes.

Tissue Processing

Itis essential that the tissues which are taken for the disease diagnose from the body should be processed in the histology laboratory, so that the microscopic slides are producedby pathologist under microscope.

In addition to this, the techniques required for the tissues processing include specimen accessioning and biopsies that must be critically followed.


The ultimate reason of the fixation is that the tissues are preserved permanently. After the tissues are removed, there is a need to carry out fixation as soon as possible or after the death in order to prevent the autolysis.

Since,the fixatives are not perfect until formaldehyde tends to be closest; there are many fixatives which can easily be used depending on the present tissue type as well as its features to be proven..........

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