Flipkart.com Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2007, Flipkart.com was established with a mission to become India’s Amazon.com and now is one of the leading online retailer in India. It rapidly diversified its product portfolio from just books selling to consumer durables, consumer electronics, media and games, laptop, computer peripherals, fashion accessories selling.The site always offered competitive price and has increased customer engagement with the help of value addition through innovative approaches like its cash on delivery services. These efforts along with some eye catching advertisements diverted a large portion of Indian customer towards online shopping that ultimately dramatically enhanced its growth. However, its customer always found it an established an effective online retailer, but the scenario was little different. It was confronting with numerous problems, including the lack of effective business model that often absorb the revenue quickly than it was produced, raising limitations on its operational and supply chain abilities and shaking confidence of investors. At the end of 2012, Flipkart was surrounded with a multitude of issues. The potential entrance of Amazon.com into the market and the intense competition, demanding Flipkart to figure out an effective path that not only strengthen its business, but ensures its sustainability while also divert the investors as well.

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