General Electric’s Expansion in the Middle East Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

General Electric needed a change in its strategic plans to enhance the company’s revenue in the MENAT region (the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and Pakistan). A senior manager in the corporate strategy was examining the different scenarios to recommend a suitable change to its executives.

The senior corporate strategist, at first, started to focus that in the presence of barriers, including political instability, difficulties in dealing with family-owned businesses, and institutional corruptions, how the local management succeeded in growing its business. Second, given predictions of sluggish growth in developed markets, it was believed that this part of the world would generate a significant portion of GE’s revenue.

The main issue was how to sustain the GE’s growth rate in this region while maintaining the well-known standards of GE that make the company superior in the market. The writer, Assem Safieddine, has affiliation with the American University of Beirut.

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General Electric’s Expansion in the Middle East

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