FIVE MINDS OF A MANAGER Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Five Minds of a Manager

Solution No.1

I have three major strengths which are as follows:

  • Reflective Mind
  • Analytical Mind
  • The Collaborative Mind Set

Reflective Mind Set

Leadership refers to the process of leading from the front. During my professional life, I have observed and learned several leadership qualities from various leaders. I think leadership is a process to enhance the performance of a team in a dignified way to increase the performance of an organization. Reflective leadership facilitates the organization in a significant manner in order to create relationship based organizations. It encompasses three vital skills: careful observation, self-awareness and flexible response. Self-awareness denotes that a leader is keen and committed to evaluating his performance, thoughts and perceptions. I am competent to cope with these types of situations as I already performed in my professional life.

Analytical Mind Set

            One of my strengths is the analytical mind-set while making the decision . It is very effective for any leader or manager in order to promote the team and raise the level of performance. I have the skills to identify the skills and capabilities among the team members which is one of the prime tasks of any manager. The more accurate identification of skills and capabilities among the team members, the more will be a benefit it brings to the entire organization.

The Collaborative Mind Set

            Sometimes it is difficult for the managers to communicate too much with the subordinates, but it is essential to do so to motivate the team for the sake of the organization. I am always eager to facilitate the people whenever needed to achieve the goals and objectives. If anybody wants to practice this mindset, he should be keen to own the public or the employees. Collaborative leader should be keen to create and organize the teams focusing on the required goals and objectives.

Solution No.2

            In 1996, I took the admission in one of top ranked universities in the Business Administration department. After three years of study, I joined “Apple Manufacturing Company” that had several branch offices around the globe. At Apple, I successfully lead from the front and motivated the employees. During the decade, I successfully achieved sales targets up to the highest standards in Apple Manufacturing. I have motivated around 3,000 salesmen at Apple that totally increased the performance level within the organization. I have applied my leadership and managerial skills in Apple Manufacturing efficiently. One thing that I also used during that process was, I taught them about the  management courses which I learned from my academic years, which totally changed the mindset of the sales person and helped a lot to achieve their tasks. During that period, I always utilized my reflective, analytical as well as collaborative skills to perform the tasks.

Solution No.3

            However, I have several managerial and leadership skills but I need to work hard on the following areas to become an effective leader or manager.

  • Ability to delegate
  • ·         Ability to Inspire

Ability to Delegate

            I need to concentrate on this area to achieve my long-term goals and objectives. This is one of the key factors to become an effective leader or manager. If I will find an opportunity as a leader or manager in a global environment, I need to develop the skills to communicate the vision of an organization among the employees. Identification of skills and capabilities among the team members, is one of the key components to become a good leader, I need to develop these skills to enhance the performance of the team...................

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