Upwork: Reimagining the Future of Work Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Upwork: Reimagining the Future of Work Case Solution 

Overview of the Case

This case is about Upwork which is considered as the world’s largest freelance talent platform and it provides best talent to the companies and clients no matter where the clients and companies are located. This case provides good understanding about the challenges and opportunities that a freelancing and staffing company could face during the phenomena of mergers and acquisitions.

Upworkwas formed in the year 2014 as a result of the merger of Elance.com and oDesk.com. Stephane Kasriel was the vice president of the product and engineering and in the year 2015, he became the CEO of Upwork. As the company operates in the freelancing industry, therefore the primary concern of the management of the company is to facilitate the quality in a real time manner which could help the companies by providing a quality and cost effective labor whenever required.

For this purpose, the higher management of Elance and oDesk decided to merge regarding the future strategic growth so that they could provide a wide platform to more clients and freelancers. Moreover, by following their strategic growth options, the management of both companies formed Upwork, which allowed its users to have more benefits in terms of value by working together on a largest online platform as Upwork is considered as the 29th largest staffing industries among the top staffing industries of the world.

It is expected that the staffing industry is growing with a greater pace and many large players are operating in the industry, and each player has significant market share. Moreover, Upwork is also operating in the industry with having significant market share and the market share of the company is increasing continuously.

It is expected that the main concern of the CEO of the company is to achieve a sustainable growth by bringing Upwork into the mainstream of the freelancing industry which could be possible by different means such as managing the users of both sites independently, by prioritizing one site, by removing friction and by enhancing more social and economic opportunity which could help Upwork as well as the management of the company by generating more revenues, attracting more customers and getting greater market share.

Problem Identification

It is expected that in order to take the advantage of the growing market of online staffing industry and freelancing industry, the top management of Elance.co and oDesk decided to make a strategic move in the form of merger. After this strategic move, the management of both companies faced certain challenges as there were many large players operating in the industry. In addition to this, the management of the company is facing certain key issues such as there an imbalance between the number of freelancers and available projects as well as there is a lack of technology which has created trust and safety issues among the clients and companies. Moreover, the other significant issue of the online business is that the clients do not fill the jobs, and as a result all these factors create problems in order to maintain the efficient working environment in the staffing industry.

Scope and Depth Analysis

It is expected that the core area of the business is to maintain the relationship between the business clients among the freelancers and to provide a suitable and wider platform by using internet, which means reducing the barriers of globalization by making the business more flexible and efficient as online staffing industry is growing continuously as well as it would create significant room for the existing players and for the new entrants..............

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