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Critical Analytical Task/Results

The first step that is necessary to analyze the critical issues required in the evaluation of a business atmosphere of the gaming industry, in which the company operates by considering the competitors and the information about the market and the customer base. Moreover, by indicating any changes in the environment of business. Another step is by analyzing the structure of the company’s management, financial history and forecasts of the company. The third step would   include to analyze the business opportunities; means of expansion into a new market, considering the response of the company a competitor's marketing campaign, or a changing customer base of the company (Nik Shah & Charles Haigh, 2005).

As the gaming industry is growing extensively across the globe, making it difficult to compete. The R and R Company need to analyze its strengths and weakness as well as the risk and opportunities in order to take steps to raise the productivity and growth of the company more than the competitors’ productivity and growth by overcoming the critical problems that it faced. The Reiss should need to focus on the product development and diversification in order to bring the awareness related to its game offerings and targeting new market segments.


Marketing problems

Building up the brand image among the target audience by communicating is an important marketing activity. The different positioning strategies can be used to improve and strengthen the brand image among the customers by differentiating it from the competitors in the industry. Furthermore, framework of Brand Concept management (BCM) helps the company to identify, implement and control the image of the brand in time (Park, Jaworski &Maclnnic, 1986)

Management problems

The company needs to develop a skilled and experienced workforce that has the vast knowledge and understanding of the gaming industry. Secondly, the company also needs to place the right team member at its appropriate place by providing them an adequate authority that will enhance the decision making and problem solving capabilities of the company. This would help the company in overcome coming the problems in management.

Operational problems

In order to overcome the operational problems, the company should need to make changes in the production cycle process of the games by introducing new and effective factors as well as removing the factors that cause problems. The process of game production starts from financing, development, production and publishing of the game, after that it is consumed by the buyers (Hinlan P. Wong, 2011). This will help the company overcome the issue related to the billing, shipping and selling of the products to the final users.

Financial problems

Financing limitations are one of the major concerns impacting potential entrepreneurs around the world. The company should focus on the cash management techniques most likely to be successful in the business. It often needs to analyze its budget planning such as what are the expected cash needs of the company and when cash needs may arise (William and Nanda, 2009).

Strategic problems

The success in the business requires the thoughtful planning and analysis of the important factors that includes marketing, human resources, finance and other that affect the profitability of the business. The innovation and effective pricing in the development of the product is an important factor that plays a vital role in the achievement of success of the company (Czepiel and Kerin, 2003). So, the company should develop innovative product and pricing strategies in term of designs, features and values as compared to its industry rival.

Other problems

In order to avoid the competition and stay in the industry, the company needs to develop strategic planning. The company must identify its competitors as well as their strength and weakness. The competitive strategy of the company should include plans not only to defend the competition but also includes the strategic plans that will strengthen the business both internally and externally. It should also avoid completion by focusing on niche markets and try to be unique in offerings (Heinz Weihrich, 1999).

Answers to Case questions

Question 1

What factors created the opportunity for Bob Reiss and the TV Guide Game?

 Bob Reiss has great understanding and experience of the gaming industry. He also worked as a consultant for the manufacturers in the gaming industry. His experience helped him to understand the nature of the business and with his abilities, he had increased the sales to $12,000,000 in three years. These capabilities help him to forecast the rise of Trivial Pursuit in Canada and the successful sales of the games in the US market that had approximately ten times the sale of the sales in Canada. These factors created an opportunity for Bob Reiss and the TV Guide Game.................................

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