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The family should consider certain option in order to evaluate the available investment option. There are three investment options such as family could demolish the existing building and could construct a new residential building, the second available option is to renovate the existing building and convert this residential building to commercial building and the third and last available option is to build a new commercial building. The family should consult other specialist on this proposal and strategy to assess any other risks. The team members that will be needed are professionals in what they do because the building construction industry is a wide industry that needs the expertise of various professionals like architects, carpenters, civil engineers, technicians, labor force, and the surveyors who carry out the first physical work on the construction site. The family will need these members in the construction of residential property the detailed plan which will be used right from the start and till the closure of project is illustrated as follow to give some idea of how the work on the project will be conducted.

The residential building is expected to be completed 2 years after the initiation of project. During Two years time the building will be developed and completed then handed over to family for rental purpose, the time needed to complete the development of building at least need two years, these two years will involve preliminary analysis of the location where the structure will be build after preliminary analysis the official phase of developing the building will be ready by then the design will be almost ready. The design of the building will be tentative till the preliminary analysis of the building once the preliminary analysis of site is conducted the detail plan will be put in place which will include the type of machinery that will be used, any matter which need special consideration. The design of the project will shape up the team and provide help with the number of workers and type of specialists that will be needed.

In case of commercial building the same process will be followed but slight variations like in the design and the duration of completion the work force will more or less will be the same, commercial properties needs different designs and up to some extent different individuals to carry out the work.

Usually different models are used to plan the whole process but matrix model will be used to determine what happens and who does it the matrix model indicates what should happen, who should do it and when it should be done the development model is of predictive nature which is best for different designs and tailor made requirements. In the development of large residential schemes different models are used.


Feasibility analysis is needed from various perspectives to show the ability to complete the project successfully the analysis are as follows.

Physical Feasibility

Residential Building

Lot dimensions: 75’ wide x 100’ deep.

FAR permitted for a residential building: 3.0

Height restriction: 70

The family can build a huge building on a existing square feet of 7500 with a maximum lot area of 35% of the total area required lot width would be 40 feet, the maximum gross floor area in the 7500 Sq.ft area is 35% of the property area plus an additional 600 Sq ft of parking, the height restriction is 70’ the property will be developed according to the building code of New York state all the other areas of projects including design, physical survey of building site, architecture of building and allowable floor area will be managed according to the guidelines in the code......................

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